Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY- Glitter Deer Silhouette

Lately, I have been on a kick with Do-It-Yourself projects. No, I am not knocking down walls or painting cabinets & such... I am just doing a little trace-cut-glue-glitter action. 

I am sure you can guess where I saw this idea... Good ole Pinterest. It looked super easy and was definitely pretty, so I figured what the heck!! 

Things you'll need: 
Blank White Canvas 
Martha Stewart Glitter Glue
Gold Glitter   
A print out of a deer head silhouette 

So all I did was search for a deer head silhouette on Google & printed it out. Then cutout the print & taped it onto the blank white canvas. Lightly trace around the print onto the canvas. Once it is completely outlined, remove the print. 
I put the canvas print inside a shoe box. Then started from the bottom of the silhouette with the glue. The glue has a brush inside the bottle, which made it easy to spread on the canvas. Once I added a little glue, I immediately sprinkled a pound some gold glitter on. Once I got to the antlers I had to use q-tips to spread around the glue. Then you just glue-glitter, glue-glitter... all the way to the top.


I am please with the way it turned out. The canvas prints that I bought came in a pack of two, so with the other print I am going to make the same exact thing but with silver glitter. 
I am going to put them in the loft, one on top of the other. 

So what do you think- pretty & very simple, huh?! 

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