Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY- Glitter Dipped Mason Jars

Well since my latest DIY project (here) was successful, I figured that I would try out another. After my husbands birthday- I ended up with 15 more mason jars, so I knew that I wanted to something fun with them. I saw some glitter dipped mason jars on Pinterest & they were super cute.

Things You'll Need:
Gold Glitter 
Martha Stewart Glitter Glue 
Mason Jars 

This was one of the easiest DIY projects, considering I had all of the items needed. It honestly is as simple as it sounds...

Get some mason jars (if you live in the South- you should have an abundance of them). Spread the glue over all of the parts of the mason jar that you want to add glitter to, then immediately add glitter to it. I let them sit on tissue paper overnight just to make sure that the glitter stuck good.

Overall, I think they're cute. I made three of them and put them on our table. They would also be good for a party or entertaining too. You could put utensils, napkins, or flowers in them.

Warning: You're going to find glitter in places you thought you would never ever find glitter. And if you put it on your table, chances are you are going to eat your fair share of glitter too. 

If anyone has any tips on a clear coating that could have been used to go over the glitter to prevent this-- I am all ears! 

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