Monday, June 3, 2013

Florida Summers...

It is officially summer here in Florida! You know what that means... 

Hurricane season has begun, which honestly scares the complete shit out of me! (I may or may not have already created a Hurricane Preparation list)   

Weather creeps into the 90's by 10:00 am-- every single day

All of your flowers that were once blooming & looking amazing, will now end up looking like shriveled up raisins.

Bright colored nail polish & sparkly, bright sandals-- this is what I look forward! To say that I love sandals is an understatement. There may have been three new pairs of sandals purchased. 
For all sources-- Pinterest
Lemonade & sweet tea in mason jars with fancy striped straws! I don't know about you, but I think everything tastes better out of a mason jar.
For all sources-- Pinterest
And yet another excuse to buy some cute totes that can be used as beach bags. I recently found a super cute one from Target-- brown leather handles, ivory bag covered in sequins. I am in love with it! 
For all sources- Pinterest 
As much as I hate the summer weather (I would much rather be freezing cold than hot), I must admit that whether there is sunshine or rain clouds-- Florida is quite beautiful.

Just cross your little fingers that we sneak away from this hurricane season without any damage.

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