Thursday, May 30, 2013

Green Thumb...

Now that we have our own home & a lot more room compared to our 900 sq. ft. apartment- I have been experimenting with my green thumb. I love picking them out & watching them grow. 

I started with just one potted flower & then it grew to ten (my husband calls me a plant hoarder). You know they say if you can keep a plant and a pet alive, then you're good to have babies (sure hope that's true- ha!). Anyways, I was able to keep all of them alive-- blooming flowers & all. And then my husband bumped into my plant stand... Everything came crashing down & shattered. 

So I basically had to start completely over... And luckily it's been going great, good thing or else my husband would be in deep you know what
When visiting down at my Dad's, I brought home two little pieces of my grandma's plants (Christmas cactus and a spider plant) to re-pot. Shockingly, I was able to keep them alive. The Christmas cactus is growing, but not much... The spider plant is doing awesome! 

Before & After-- Spider Plant 
As weird as it sounds, it is something that I do to relax a little. Well, until lately... when I noticed these red ants all over two of the potted plants hanging outside. Anyone else have this problem? 
I was so annoyed with them and couldn't understand why they were on the plants, so my immediate reaction was to get my bug spray and put it on the plants and the pots. Thinking back, I am not too sure that it was such a good idea. The ants seemed to go away a little, but I am not too sure if it will kill my plants. (Dumbass move, I know!)
So at this point, I have basically ran out of room for more plants. So i'll probably stick with the plants I have before it starts really looking like a cluster f*$%. 

Do you see what I see?! The two flowers are connected at the stem, which I thought was so cool! 

Happy Planting! 

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