Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Are you pregnant? When are you & your husband going to try for a baby? What are you waiting for? Do you just not want kids? Together for 10+ years and no kids?! You're tired, you must be pregnant! 

These are comments and questions that are heard on a weekly basis.. And something I wasn't going to blog about, but decided, what the hell since it's driving me bananas!

I cannot even tell you the number of times, since our engagement, that people have asked about us being pregnant. It truly is so bothersome to me...

If you know me, than you know that my dream in life is to...
Get pregnant!
Tell our family in the most creative way possible about being knocked up (I have so many ideas already!!)
Have a huge gender reveal party (Even more ideas...)
See our parents reaction when they meet their grandchild (I get the chills thinking about this...)
Watch my husband become a Daddy to our babies (my heart is exploding with this thought!)
And for me to be a mommy 

There are lots of things that people want, but there is a time and place for everything. My husband and I want a strong marriage, be financially prepared (yes, I know! no one is never financially ready...), and super healthy before bringing a baby into the world. We are also enjoying our time together, building our home together, and growing into our roles in our career.

So to everyone and their mommas out there-- Here are your answers, so do not ask me again!

No, I am not pregnant, yet!
My husband and I hope (God willing) to start our family early next year.
We are waiting for when we are ready, not for when everyone else is ready.
Yes, we want children more than anything.
And a sore throat, headache, or tired doesn't mean I am pregnant!

I want kids so badly and I literally dream about it. Call me crazy, I also have a stash of goodies that I buy for our future babies nursery. I figure if it is on sale, unisex, and cute- then I am buying it. As long as it's not furniture, swings, strollers, etc... I am good & no jinxes here. Don't worry-- my husband knows about it & he is totally good with my craziness.   

Target Bin & Owl Bank| Pier One Owl 
Happy Baby Making to all you Lovers out there !!! :)

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