Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Lately...

My life lately in photos... 

Driving down to Spring Hill to visit my Dad & his wife. On the drive down, you see lots & lots  of cows, crops, and hills. It is actually peaceful and makes me want to bring a four-wheeler out & ride around. 
There are several pretty plants are my Dad's house- they were all blooming & so pretty! 

While I was visiting, we did some not-so-fun stuff too. My Dad had radiation, so I went with them to the VA hospital. As of today, he has 26 radiation/5 chemo treatments left. 

My pops... I love him so much & it truly breaks my heart into a million pieces knowing that he's sick.  Cancer is the worst, more despicable thing on this planet. If cancer was a person, I would beat the shit out of it.  

This is Beary. She is my super talented fur niece. She seriously makes a bad day turn good. Aside from her dagger teeth, she is the sweetest, prettiest pup in the world! 

Sweet puppy & in a matter of seconds, she turns into crazy bat dog. 

Visits with Pops and his wife = love 

I decided that since I cannot be with my Dad everyday or even every weekend, that I would make or buy a card  for him to open everyday of his treatment. I cannot imagine what he is going through... as this time truly f*!%ing sucks! I wanted to be able to boost his spirits with the cards. So that means there's 35+ cards... 
Life is all about being with the ones you love and I am doing just that... :) 

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