Sunday, September 8, 2013

Do You Believe In Signs?

Well my Mom has been telling for years that when people pass away their loved ones tend to get those signs/feelings when they least expect it.
She told me about a time where she saw her mom, my grandma (sadly, she passed away several years ago due to cancer), standing at the foot of her bed. I knew what my mom saw was real, but I wasn't sure if I truly believed that it could happen to me.
Since the day my Dad passed away, I had been telling my husband that I wanted a sign that my father was there- just as my mom did with her mom. I know that he will always be with me, but I just wanted something to happen...
One day I was working from home... I took a little break to get some fresh air & noticed this gorgeous butterfly circling around my plants right outside my porch. It wasn't just any old butterfly... there was something about this butterfly. It was flipping & twisting all around in the air, as though it was trying to get my attention. And that it did... I instantly got the chills and started to cry.
I hurried outside... and it circled me about ten times & almost landed on my hand.
I knew that it was a sign from my Dad that I had been waiting for... It stayed outside of my patio for about 45 minutes. I honestly just couldn't stop smiling...
A few days after the butterfly, my mom and I were driving home from St. Augustine. I was asking her about Heaven and if she thought my Dad was happy there. As we were talking, I noticed that the sky looked so weird, so I immediately just started snapping pictures.
As I was looking through the pictures that I just took... I froze !!!!! This is what I saw...

I showed my Mom and she couldn't believe her eyes either... She looked at me & said... I told you, you would get signs when you least expect it.
This was an even better sign then the butterfly. It was exactly what I needed... a sign that God was with my Dad & watching out for him as he laid peacefully on the clouds in Heaven.

If I didn't believe in signs then, I sure do now...

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