Saturday, September 7, 2013

Check those off the- Before 30 Bucket List

If you've read my blog (keep reading if you do !!), then you know about the "Before 30 Bucket List" post here.
I know I have quite some time (one year & 19 days to be exact) before my 30th birthday. With that being said, I have hardly checked off any items on my before 30 bucket list.
I have fifteen items waiting to be completed and I only have two to check off-- no I am not pregnant (sigh!).
I did however check off #11 Host a Party for Someone from my list. In June, I hosted my husband's 30th birthday at our house. I love having family & friends over. And I especially love decorating and doing DIY party projects- so much fun ! We had so much fun & you can read all about it here.

Next item to check off of my list, is #15 Go to a shooting range with my hubby. It was my first time going and to be honest with you, it scared the shit out of me. I just watched- far behind the white line. I didn't want to take the class and I am not sure I really have any desire to shoot a gun. They are super dangerous and have so much force. As of right now, I am good being the photographer. Who knows though, shooting at the range with my husband might be on my next 15 items to my list.

 Stayed tuned for 15 more items that will be added to my checklist...

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