Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ikea Haul

Move over Target, I have found a new love...Ikea (just kidding, I will forever be obsessed with Target). 

This past weekend my husband and I drove down to Orlando (about a 2 hrs drive), to pick up several items from my ever growing wish-list. The store is so big & the prices are great! I literally am obsessed with the striped throw and aztec pillow covers-- they were at the tip top of my list & I checked them off within minutes. They both make such a difference in our livingroom & I love it ! 

I also had my eye on the white drapes for our master bedroom. They are such a great quality material & I loved that they had a creamy ivory color. My husband put them up & they look amazing ! You would never guess that I only paid about $70 for everything. 

I also scooped up a different little bucket for our kitchen rack. I thought it would be convienent to put napkins, utensils, etc... in next time we have guests over.  

While we were at Ikea, we also tested out one of there sofa beds- for our loft & we have our eyes on a TV stand that we really like. We will definitely be going back soon for more goodies.

So what are some Ikea favs that you HAVE to have ?! 

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