Sunday, January 5, 2014

Patience in 2014.

When I think about last year & what I would want to do differently for the new year-- the first word that comes to mind is patience

Since the passing of my father, I have struggled to make his death seem "real". It still seems as though, I am going to wake up one day & get a "good morning" text. I have had a difficult time, with the time it is taking me to cope; everyone says that with time, things will get easier-- they have not got easier for me. 
In 2014, I will have patience with my healing from my loss.

March 2014 will mark my four year wedding anniversary with my husband. Like all couples, we have had our ups and downs. I clean, he makes a mess. He is carefree and I am a worry wort. He lives his life day-by-day and I plan years in advance. He and I are complete polar opposite soul mates. 
In 2014, I will have patience with my husband.

My one wish for the new year, is to start a family with my husband. 
In 2014, I need to have patience and trust God's plan & timing.

I have been working on getting healthy & losing weight. To get back to my "old self"; to feel good & healthy & enjoy life.
In 2014, I will have patience with weight loss because we all know it takes 10 seconds to gain it & 10 months to lose it.

I am also determined to have more patience at work... with so many different personalities & visions, it tends to be hard at times.

I am excited to see what 2014 will bring to my life-- I am determined to be patient & just let it be.

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