Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lovely Loft

When we moved into our house, I loved that it had a loft- secretly I loved it even more because it could be a playroom one day. I knew that no matter what I wanted to keep it all neutral & cozy, with a lot of storage.

So the first thing I got was a fluffy, gorgeous white rug. I love this rug, so much that it is rare that I even let people walk on it (my family thinks I am crazy). Also snagged a super cuter, cheap version of the Anthropologie stool I was dying to have. 

Then we added some white shelves with tons of baskets and bins.

My husband put up 87893721 12 frames on the wall to create an awesome gallery wall.

Going to add more DIY canvas this weekend... 
We also changed out the standard light fixture for a pendant light. 

Then a few weeks ago, we found an perfect little sofa at World Market. It was 50% off & was such a great deal, so we had to get it!

And to top it all off, I picked up some go-to chalkboard baskets & pottery barn pillows.

I am in search for a perfect little fur throw & then it will be all completed. I honestly love the space right now. It is so cozy and gives me a place to go for peace & quiet (where I don't hear the hillbilly voices from the Moonshiners show, that my husband is obsessed with). 

While I am enjoying the clean, clutter free space... in my heart, I cannot wait for the day when I have 10 more baskets filled with toys & little babies playing on my clean, white fluffy rug :) 

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