Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Goodies...

I honestly am still in shock that 2013 is over... & let's be real, the new year resolutions & new begins... well, I am still trying to start those. I will start fresh next week ;) 

So it is has been a few weeks since I took down the Christmas decorations, so it only makes sense to put up the next set of holiday decorations- Valentine's. I love Valentine's day- being cuddly with your lover, pink & glitter everything, sweet treats, & fresh flowers. 

I am definitely going to Michael's & picking up materials to make these beauties. 
Gluten free, heart-shaped rice crispy treats- I just died & went to heaven
Almond milk & strawberry syrup, don't mind if I do :) 
Red velvet cupcakes in a  jar- cute & yummy! 
I cannot wait to make some goodies... part of my new year resolution (add that to the million others I created- ha!) is to be more festive, so I will do just that... you wait & see. I'd say I am doing a pretty good job so far, since I have already put up some decorations- a month early. 

Print is jandpaper 

So what is your favorite sweet treat for Valentine's?! 

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