Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years Resolutions

New Years seem to be all about making resolutions, that everyone seems to break (include me in that everyone). At the beginning of each and every year, I have good intentions on starting new & doing things differently. The problem that I have, is that I set unrealistic expectations for myself. 

So this year I am going to try and do things a little differently & have realistic goals for myself & the year ahead. 

1. Continue to stick to my gluten & dairy free lifestyle (allergies suck!)
2. Cook more meals that are out of my everyday comfort zone

3. Save more & spend less -- this is going to be the hardest one! 
4. Compromise more with my husband

5. Take more pictures of the ones I love 
6. Focus more on fun, relaxing things on the weekend, rather than making our house spotless  
7. Find a good book & read it to the end. 
8. Make working out & losing weight a priority   
9. Stop worrying & enjoy the moment 

10. GET PREGNANT -- this is going to be the most fun!  

I truly hope that 2014 is filled with love, happiness, good health, making memories, & success. 

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