Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Goodness...

In a few short weeks... Spring will have sprung. And you know what that means-- wonderful pastel colors that will take over my house, beautiful fresh flowers in every room, and the glorious Easter with family. Oh yeah... and we cannot forget yummy foods and some DIY projects.

First up are the painted mason jars with gorgeous flowers-- my favorite ! I am sure you can guess where I saw these beauties... good ole Pinterest. I know they sell mason jars by the dozen at Walmart, so it'll probably be my best bet to purchase the entire dozen. If you've ever read or seen my previous DIY projects, then you would understand.

Pastel Mason Jars and Yellow Mason Jars 

What is a season without a new wreath ?! I love wreaths ! So when you had pink, flowers and butterflies, well... I become obsessed and makes me want to run to the nearest Michael's. I am not sure which of the wreaths I will attempt to make, but you'll find out soon enough... Or I might cheat & pick up one that I have been eyeing in the Easter isle at Target.
Whats a holiday/season without some yummy goodies ?! Lucky for you... every holiday/season in this household comes with some festive food. Whether it be breakfast and/or snacks... I think I am covered. 
It is really times like this when I wish I had the TV [in this case a computer] like the one on Willie Wonka, so I could reach in and take a bite.  




Okay... so now to decorating eggs. Pinterest has so many awesome ideas for decorating eggs, that I wish I would've thought of years ago. Who would've thought that Kool Aid would work in the place of stinky vinegar ?! Brownie points for whoever came up with that genius idea !! 

Spotted | Floral | Ombre | Striped 
As you can tell I am super excited about anything & everything Spring !! Longest post, ever... thanks for baring with me ;)

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