Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Success !!

Several weekends ago, my husband & I finally decided to paint two of our bathrooms. It literally took me an entire year and a half to convince him that we should paint. I figured that we could start in the smaller rooms of the house; our downstairs bathroom and our master bathroom. 

In my mind, I envisioned it all to go so smoothly-- ha! I now know why my husband insisted that we hire someone. Bathrooms are so damn hard to paint! With the sinks, toilets, and cabinets-- ugh!! We did a good job (besides the smidgen of paint spots on our boards and cabinets) but it took us all day long. 

My hubby with one foot on the ladder & one foot on the toilet saying "I am really over your DIY projects for a while!"

It took quite some time to figure out the colors that I wanted to paint the bathrooms. I am so indecisive, so we took several trips to Lowe's before I finally decided. 
For our downstairs bathroom- I really wanted to do a light gray color. We lucked out because hubs found an entire can of the paint I wanted in the clearance section, so we paid $5 on a can that was originally $26 (score!).
For our master bathroom- I am loving all light mint colors. So I knew that I definitely wanted to use that for our walls. I thought it would look awesome because we have white counter tops & dark cabinets in our bathroom. 

Final Products! 
Master Bathroom
Downstairs Bathroom 

If you know me, then you know that I love all whites/ivories/tans, so painting walls is really branching out for me. Therefore, it has taken me sometime to get used to the color on the walls. 
I am please with the way it all turned out, but I do have two complaints: 
  • The master bathroom is a little brighter than I anticipated, but overall I like it. 
  • The downstairs bathroom looks to have a bit of a purple tint.
Before I go, I will leave you one piece of advise ...  

Tip: Paint a little on the walls before purchasing paint!! 

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