Monday, May 27, 2013

Little things, that mean a whole lot...

This past weekend, my husband, sister, and I decided to take a trip down toward Tampa to visit my dad. It had been several weeks since our last trip, his 62nd birthday, and with the terrible no good news about his cancer, there was no better time but now to go. 

On the way down it is very country-- lots of open fields, cows (lots of cows!), gorgeous wild flowers, and a lot of country bumpkins shops. It takes us about 4 hours from Jacksonville to get to my Dad's house. 

This trip down I wasn't nervous... I knew we were going to have a good time together. It was so amazing to see my dad and his wife. When we got there he walked right out to us. I was so extremely happy to see him walking without a walker. He was gaining strength back in his legs, which is awesome! 

The weather here in Florida is hot! So right away we blew up a million floats, plopped them in the pool, and floated away for hours. It was so relaxing & the water felt so nice. Here's a funny-- my Dad & his wife have a 120 lbs lab... yes, you read that right! Anyways, she loves my Dad & wanted to get on the float with him... well poor thing is huge and she sunk like titanic. My sister (fully clothed on a raft) jumped into the water and had to give her big ole butt a boost out of the pool. I don't think she will ever jump on the raft ever again. 

While floating my crazy husband and sister whipped out the bebe guns & played attack-of-the-evil-squirrels. It is so funny because the damn things were not even scared. At one point about 6 of them in a full on pack, came down the tree towards the bird feeder (that they have completely chewed apart). And the little suckers were hanging all over the bird feeder that morning. Looks like it is back to the drawing board on getting rid them- cayenne pepper and bebe guns do not work. Ha! 

Warning: No squirrels were actually injured. 
After lounging and shooting the bebe gun- we started to BBQ on the grill- yummy! While my husband cooked and my sister supervised and my Dad's wife cooked inside; Dad and I caught up on good ole Law and Order.  
After yummy dinner, we surprised my Dad with a birthday cake for his 62nd birthday! We sang Happy Birthday ! And he loved the cake! 

After yummy cake, the fully clothed trouble makers (hubs & sissy) decided it would be a good idea to get on the floats in the dark. It was so funny!

All and all the trip was fun ! It is so nice that my Dad and his wife are so close now (previously lived in up North). Next week is the beginning of my Dad's fight to win against cancer, so us all being able to spend time together was great

If you're reading this... please pray for my father & his fight against this devil aka throat cancer. 

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