Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Target- You're Killing Me !!

Can you go into Target & only get that one item on your list without picking up anything else? Didn't think so! Neither can I. 
They should have a trash can right at the front door labeled "Throw away your list here because you will not use it".  

I have had an obsession with Target since... oh let me think-- forever! And then they added Threshold & Nate Berkus and well let's just say that my husband & my bank account hate it (too bad, so sad).

Every week I have a new wish list-- here is this week...

The pillows are very cute. They definitely are not PB quality, but for $20 they're great
And the woven blanket is so soft-- you can never have too many blankets around the house. 
I really love the wooden table caddy-- I am not too sure how often I would use it, but I am pretty sure I can figure it out. 
Has anyone else noticed the poufs in every single store? Targets prices on the poufs definitely beat the prices anywhere else. They're small enough that you can have a few of them, so you have plenty of room for guest seating. 

Speaking of Target-- the life-size doll house in Grand Central station looked amazing. The pictures were all over instagram & I loved it! I wish so badly that I would've been able to go to it. Since I wasn't there... I got some pictures from the awesome iheart organizing blog (which is amazing- check it out!).

I know you're all about to click on the "X" to close this blog & haul ass to your nearest Target & shop til' you drop! 

You're Welcome ! 

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