Friday, May 17, 2013

Worst Blogger Award Goes To...

To say that I suck at blogging would be an understatement. When I created this blog, I honestly had every intention on being a good blogger. I wanted people to follow me & read my blog, but at this point that's impossible. Who the hell would follow my blog when I don't ever write any posts?! 

I am going to try & get back into the swing of things & at least try and write 3 times a week. I figure I better ease back into this. I am going to do posts on the following each week (you're probably thinking... yeah, sure you will when hell freezes over)... 

Lovely and Oh So Pinteresting
I mean this should be really easy considering I have about a million posts each & every day! I mean how can you not, there are so many addicting things on there. 

DIY Success Stories, Wish Lists, and/or Decorating Our Home 
Yes, even after all of my completely disastrous DIY projects, I am still attempting them. They normally are not too risky since I suck at them, but for blogging sake I might step out on a limb & try a few things that are out of my comfort zone. 
Wish lists?! Again! Yes! I love them and I will always have a wish list NO MATTER what! You just wait, whenever I get pregnant this blog will be renamed Wish Lists Galore.

I always have favorites-- whether it be foods, products, stores, etc... I always have something that is my favorite & excites me ! 

In the mean time, I will leave you with some Instagram pictures from life lately...  

Brace yourself! They're super exciting! 

Green Thumb| Miranda Lambert/Dierks Bentley/Lee Brice| Grandpa's 81st Birthday| New Fur Niece Bear| Power of Prayer 

Target Trips| More of Baby Bear| Decorating Home| Mother's Day| 7 weeks Gluten Free 

Painting Our Home| Sad Gallery Wall| Beautiful Night Skies| Duckies| Yummy Gluten Free Foods 

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